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9kmovies 2020 - Illegal HD Movies Download Website 9kmovies, 9kmovies movies, 9kmovies movie download, 9kmovies 2020 movies Piracy on the internet is still a major problem that authorities have to deal with. India is one of the largest markets for piracy websites, as downloading and sharing of copyrighted material is a common practice in the country. Online piracy mostly damages the entertainment industry, as pirate websites usually share games, movies, songs, books, TV series etcetera. Piracy websites mostly use torrents to illegally share licensed files. Here is a look at 9kmovies, which is a movie torrent website popular in India.  About 9kmovies 9kmovies is a torrent website that illegally shares movies and TV shows. This website mostly focuses on Bollywood films download, but it also has a wide selection of regional Indian films, including Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu films. Moreover, 9kmovies’ download page also offers some foreign movies such as Pakist