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9xmovies 2020 - HD Bollywood Movies Download Website 9x 9xmovies, 9xmovies, 9xmovies win, bollywood movies download, hindi movie download Piracy has been affecting the box-office collection of movies across the world. There are several websites across the globe like 9xmovies that pirate movies and leak them online for free before the movies could even release. Fans who cannot wait for the movie tend to download these pirated movies which leads to a decrease in the audience that goes to theatres to watch the latest films. This has led to a decrease in the number of movie lovers hitting the theatres to enjoy their favourite movies. The losses incurred by the moviemakers have crossed the mark of millions because of this unlawful act by such piracy websites. Many directors, producers and other professionals of the media industry tried standing up against movie piracy by filing numerous complaints and being vocal about it. But, sites like 9xmovies movie providing free download seemed to hav