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Facebook Latest News, Facebook Download, FB Login Facebook is a social media and networking website, and it is the flagship service provided to the public by the company Facebook Inc. The name ‘face book’ comes from the directories that are often given to the American university students. It is also called as ‘FB’ informally. While the site was initially made for only the students of Ivy league universities and higher education institutions in Boston, it slowly took roots in other countries. Currently, Facebook has over 2.50 billion active users in the month, as per December 2019 statistics shared by the company. Facebook can be accessed on various devices and requires internet connectivity. One has to register on Facebook and make their profile using Facebook Sign In. This will create a Facebook account of the person. Once registered, ‘Facebook Login’ lets the user access it daily. People can send each other ‘friends requests’, and share interests, images and ideas on the site. People